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I've been working away on the redesign of the Log the Crux web app recently. I've been pretty silent on it up to this point as I feel like I haven't had a good enough product to show people. That's probably because I'm super critical of my own work and whatever. So in the spirit of openness and not keeping everything to myself, I've decided to put up a link to the app, along with some screenshots of what it looks like. If you have feedback, I'd be glad to hear it in the comments. That being said, there are a few…

Caveats to the test environment

  • I'm switching my email provider over to SendGrid after MailChimp decided to fuck over developers make Mandrill a paid add-on to paid monthly accounts. So email notifications are a little wonky right now
    • Bonus to that: I'm including updated base urls in the new email module so that when you get a notification, it'll take you to the test environment, not the prod one (which doesn't exist…)
  • I'm working on releases to the web app when I can, but I do have:
    • A wife and two kids
    • A full time job
    • Other adult commitments outside of Log the Crux
    • Sometimes have to rewrite the API to fix something, which delays work on the web app (see bullet #1)
    • All this means that there may be a month between major (minor?) feature releases. If that bugs you, too f'ing bad
  • Pro/Premium memberships, when they do eventually go live, will be manually synced from production back to test.
    • My goal eventually is to mirror the prod database back to test, but for now prod is working off the old app that doesn't have the API. It'll be better once I get all the basics down and push an initial release
  • I can't guarantee that the data you put in today will be there next month, like I would in the prod environment. I've structured my development pipeline to prevent data loss, but there is the tiny possibility that I'd have to make a change that would cause some loss of data in the test environment
  • We're talking mostly if someone tries to put something in while I'm pushing a change to the test environment or adding a new feature
  • If I ever anticipate this, I'll be emailing all registered users to give ample warning, announce a maintenance window, and take the site offline while I do any schema changes

Still brave enough to try something that is most definitely a work in progress? Then go get to it here: https://test.www.logthecrux.com/app/#/login

If you do sign up, awesome. I really could use a boost of confidence that what I'm making is actually useful to someone. If you find something wrong with the app, please submit a bug report here. If you do submit a bug report, it'll help if you let me know what browser you use, especially if it's some sort of CSS/layout issue.

App screenshots

User dashboard
User's personal records
User's profile page
Logging a new session

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