TLS Certificate Dashboard

Inspired by @hrbrmstr's post where he described needing to keep track of the TLS certificates he manages, and the R script that he wrote to create a dashboard around that, and a recent email from Lets Encrypt letting me know that I had certificates expiring, I decided that I would try to recreate Bob's R script in JavaScript. I also had to throw in some HTML/CSS and make it look good, but I'm pretty happy with the results. You can see the full source on the GitHub repo.

First I had to sort out getting the certificate info, and decided that ultimately I'd want to run this as a cron job on a web server, and then serve the results statically, so I wouldn't have to reparse the sites every time I reloaded the page, especially if I adopt this at work and am monitoring hundreds or thousands of sites. So, hi ho hi ho, off to Node I go. I also wanted to have a simple-ish website that could show the results in a responsive way. Bootstrap v4 FTW. You can see the live results over at or in the screenshot below.

TLS Dashboard example

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